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Live It Coco: Behind the Name

Live It Coco: Behind the Name    As are many aspects of my life, the transition to Live It Coco from the previous My Collection Of Musings was sudden and brought on by a split second spark of inspiration. The idea behind the name however, has been years in the making. I have always wanted my blog to represent something more than just writing. I wanted to create a community, a movement. There is so much more to life than pretty instagram pictures and fancy skincare. The purpose of this blog is to bring people together around the three hashtags #liveitkind, #liveitresponsible, and #liveittrue...... but what does that mean?

Who is Coco?    Coco was my childhood nickname but when I say Live It Coco, I am not saying that we should all live like me. Actually, it may be close to the opposite. The name Coco is meant to allude to the childlike self-love and innocence that the world takes from us. Think back to those days when we thought we could grow up to be anything, back to when the people o…