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The Power of Kindness

The Power of Kindness in a Broken World     This morning before anyone else had awoken, I sat down to enjoy my first meal back home. Taking a sip of tea from my favorite teal ceramic cup, I surveyed the dining room table to find a stack of newspapers that had accumulated unread in my absence. I picked up a particular paper whose headline caught my attention, 'It makes me feel strong.' As my eyes scanned the July 1st issue of the Seattle Times, I read about eight-year-old Frannie Ronan, the youngest competitor in this year's Special Olympics USA games. Frannie is a gymnast, and she also has Down Syndrome. I read about her excitement for the games and her love of performing. Frannie's joy translated beautifully through the pages. Moving to the next article, I read Timothy Shriver's interview. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, his mother, founded the Special Olympics in 1962. He grew up in the organization, and saw how much it meant to so many people. However, there was someth…