Of Falling Leaves and Forest Whispers

Of Falling Leaves and Forest Whispers

Rekindling a Romance with Autumn

   September has befallen us, and the beginning of autumn creeps ever closer in the Northern Hemisphere. Harvest time and I have had a tumultuous relationship ever since I arrived here in Seattle as a South Texas transplant. The sudden drop in temperature and gradual change in foliage color signified one thing to me: the coming of darkness. Here in Seattle, we get an average of 14 sunny days (categorized as 30% cloud cover or less) per every fall and winter. It grows rather gloomy here in this damp little corner of the United States, and I say that as lovingly as one can. Seattle is quite endearing. 

    Therein lied my problem. Having grown up in the beautifully sunny small town of Boerne, Texas, I was accustomed to much more day light and struggled to cope with the lack of bright, shining days here in Seattle. What ever was a country girl to do, y'all? Well, for my first two autumns here, I moped. I cried. I basically drank vitamin supplements by the bottle. The added vitamin D helped somewhat, but I remained relatively blue. I missed the excitement that came with running in the leaves, the warmness I felt sitting by the fire drinking a warm chai, and the quiet romanticism that painted every pumpkin patch and cable knit sweater. How ever would I reclaim the deep affection I once had for this enigmatic season?

    I formulated a plan. This autumn season, I would actively seek out a little bit of magic in each day. Maybe it will be the scarlet and saffron leaves dotting pebbled paths, or the smell of mulling spices swirling temptingly from a cup of cozied cider. There is an infinite number of beautiful things hidden in every day, one must simply seek them out. As a fierce sentimentalist, I have no trouble picking out the particularly lovely things surrounding me. In hopes of sharing some of my new found fondness of fall, I have written a short paragraph detailing some of my personal observations of this pensive season.

    Flitting breathlessly through tranquil forest paths, I enjoy watching the burnt ochre leaves settle to the ground in lazy piles and listening for the gentle rustling of slowly thinning branches. Long walks are a favorite of mine in every season, but fall is a great time for contemplative walks. The essence of autumn is change, and death before new growth. It is the perfect time for the death of old ideas, and the shedding of archaic skins. Warm soups and beverages fill our homes around this time of year. Nothing is quite as comforting as settling into a soft chair, wrapping oneself in a large, fluffy comforter and sipping at a cup of pleasant cocoa. It is in these moments that we can temporarily forget our troubles and think only of the warmth radiating from the smooth ceramic clutched tightly between our fingers, and the sense of safety found nestled in our blankets. 

Please, feel free to share your favorite hallmarks of the season with me on social media! I would love to relish in the joys of harvest time with you! Find me at @liveitcoco on Instagram and Twitter. I also created a fall mood board on Pinterest and a matching playlist on Spotify under the same name as this post, Of Falling Leaves and Forest Whispers. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Chloe Grace 



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